Alla inlägg den 31 augusti 2007

Av Filip - 31 augusti 2007 09:39

Nej, Bekele är inte dopad, liksom de flesta andra afrikaner. Det är jag säker på. Renato Canova som bl.a tränar Said Shaheen, Kiprotich, Korir mfl utalar sig om doping och EPO:

"Doping and EPO don't work for strong atheletes, only for them that are weak in their brain. Weak athletes are often limited by their brains, and dealing with emotion of fear and disbelife. This athletes don't think highly of themselves but as soon as they start taking drugs they simultanoulsy increase the training and are artifically built up by this placebo effect of the drug. Good athletes are VERY STRONG IN THEIR BRAIN and don't feel fear of training or the pain of the intensity of competiton. This fearlessness are THE SINGLE factor I look for when recruiting new athletes. Any fearless, strongheaded person can become a world champion. No drug can boost this athletes."

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